Affordable. Efficient. Effective.

Disclosure Clinic is a limited scope family law service, doing one thing, very well: Family Law Financial Disclosure.

Disclosure Clinic is the tax-preparation mall kiosk, but for family law financial disclosure, and wholly online. 

Disclosure Clinic uses commonly available technology in creative ways for accessibility and to reduce your cost of proper financial disclosure.

I’ve practiced Ontario Family Law since 2003. People braving through the family law process are continuously and repeatedly told how important “financial disclosure” is. 

But we as an industry assume individuals know how to disclose, and presume they would purposely refuse to disclose. 

The result: delay, cost awards, routine imputation of income and orders striking pleadings.

It’s time we stopped treating the 80% who don’t know how to disclose as if they are the 20% who don’t want to disclose. Disclosure Clinic fills that void.

Shmuel Stern

Lawyer & Founder, Disclosure Clinic


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