Look forward

When you separated, you never expected a fillable form and chasing paper would be so important. 

It’s small comfort that your situation is similar to many others going through the family law process. But now you’re here, deal with it productively. 

Yours to Prove

Your financial circumstances – your income, your expenses, your net worth – are yours to prove, and not the other party’s responsibility to figure out. Starting from this premise will maintain focus on the task ahead of you.

Your Reputation

When it’s alleged that you “failed” to provide financial disclosure, it’s implied that you can’t be trusted. That you must be hiding something.

It’s the easiest argument to make, because it focuses the conversation on you, and relies on the old ‘absence of evidence, as evidence of absence’ argument. 

And it’s made all the time, in and out of court. 

Get in front of it all

You can make it right. Now. 

Help is Here

Disclosure Clinic does one thing: Family Law Financial Disclosure, done right.

personalized disclosure

Quickly know the documents you need to move your life forward.

Motions to change

Nowhere is telling your story more important than a motion to change.


Determining what disclosure is relevant and cogently presenting it.

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