Take a deep breath

Just handed a blank financial statement to complete and don’t know where to start?

Everyone needs help completing it properly.

The Big Picture

The financial statement is a part of a bigger whole: 

Financial Disclosure

Financial disclosure is telling a cogent, provable story about the state of your finances for family law. You’ll rely on this story to evidence your family law entitlements, place limits on your legal responsibilities and to respond to claims of entitlements.

More than just a form

Think of the financial statement like a bicycle. The movement of the pedals (income) works in conjunction with the two wheels: your expenses and net worth. 

These interrelated parts create the ability to check if your story is internally consistent. For example, if you have high income with low expenses, your net worth should increase. 

Moving You Forward

After all things parenting, the financial statement is the most important document in the family law process.  

Completing your financial statement correctly is vital to advancing you through your family law issues, so you can focus on the facts and how the law applies to them. 

Proper disclosure is a foundation for promoting trust, which in turn promotes settlement. It also discourages future disputes over past settlements. 

Help is Here

Disclosure Clinic does one thing: Family Law Financial Disclosure, done right.

personalized disclosure

Quickly get your needed documents together so your disclosure doesn’t become the story.

Motions to change

Nowhere is telling your story more important than a motion to change.


Determining what disclosure is relevant and cogently presenting it.

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