Family Law Mediators

Family law mediators know that moment, as you hand a blank financial statement to a client and say: 

“Do your best.” 

“Just go through it and ask any questions.”

But what you’re really thinking is: They have no idea what they’re about to get themselves into.

Family Law Lawyers

Family Law Lawyers know the chase of disclosure: letters first asking to “exchange” financial statements, then requests for documentary disclosure, then the follow up. 

And the follow up…

As the process continues, the tone inevitably escalates, from ultimatums of “starting a proceeding” to threats of motions for disclosure, seeking negative inferences,  imputing income and to strike pleadings.

What's Going On

The first scenario is sympathy. The second is anger. 

Each has a place, but we also know it shouldn’t be our “normal”, yet these scenarios repeat, over and over. 

Something isn’t working with our process, but what’s the answer?

Empower Them

Disclosure Clinic allows you to confidently refer the client or the other party to a service providing independent, competent, comprehensive, cost effective and time sensitive advice about their financial disclosure

Advice that explains how the disclosure relates to their legal rights and responsibilities, and how to cogently and diligently present their information and documentation. 

Advice based neither on sympathy nor anger, but providing professional guidance toward a positive outcome: 

Financial Disclosure, Done Right